Austin Gunter

Hey there!

My passion for photography began simply in my photography class that I dreadfully had to take for more credits in college. Little did i know that dreaded class in room 204 was going to become the passion I look for everyday.​

Since then, I've worked endlessly to do better.

I took on the role as the assistant photography editor at  Lee University for two and a half years. While in that position, I had the incredible opportunity to go to our nations capitol and cover the 2016 election. I found myself looking through the camera at who would become our president, snapped an intriguing photo, and carried on. Little did I know that photo would soon land me a college photo journalism award from Associated Press. After that, I began to lend my services to multiple non-profits and churches, dipping my talent in wherever I could find.

Photography is my passion, and opportunities like yours is what pushes me to achieve. So if you want a photographer who will seek out the best moments and deliver on them, all while promoting a comfortable experience, please take a moment to review my work and consider me for your next session!



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